Jason is the son of Susan and Alan Quartermaine. He is the younger brother of AJ and Emily. He has one nephew named Michael. He is currently married to Sam McCall. They are currently expecting their first child.

Actor History[edit | edit source]

  • Quinn Carlson (1982)
  • Bryan Beck (1983 to 1986)
  • Steve Burton (1991 to present)

Parents[edit | edit source]

Siblings[edit | edit source]

Nieces and Nephews[edit | edit source]

Martial status[edit | edit source]

Past Marriages[edit | edit source]

Children[edit | edit source]

  • unnamed child (sex unknown; with Courtney; miscarried)
  • Lila McCall (legal daughter; with Sam; biological daughter of Sonny and Sam; stillborn 2004)
  • Jake Spencer (son; with Elizabeth; born 2007)
  • unnamed child (sex unknown; with Sam; currently expecting; unknown if he was the father)
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