Caroline "Carly" Corinthos is the character on General Hospital since 1996.

Actor History[edit | edit source]

Other names[edit | edit source]

  • Caroline Benson (adoptive name)
  • Carly Roberts (nickname)
  • Carly Quartermaine (first married name)
  • Carly Corinthos (second married name)
  • Carly Alcazar (third married name)
  • Carly Jacks (fourth married name)

Family & relationships status[edit | edit source]

Parents[edit | edit source]

  • Bobbie Spencer (biological mother)
  • John Duarnt (biological father; deceased)
  • Frank Benson (adoptive father; deceased)
  • Virgina Benson (adoptive mother; deceased)

Siblings[edit | edit source]

  • Lucas Jones (Biological adoptive half-brother)
  • BJ Jones (biological adoptive half-sister; deceased)

Uncles and Aunts[edit | edit source]

Cousins[edit | edit source]

Martial Status[edit | edit source]

  • married/sepreated Jax Jacks (2007 to present)

Past marriages[edit | edit source]

Children[edit | edit source]

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