Alan James "AJ" Quartermaine Jr. was the son of Alan and Monica Quartermaine. He is the brother of Dawn Winthrop, Jason Morgan, Robert Franco, Emily Quartermaine, and Skye Quartermaine. He is the father of Michael Corinthos. AJ was killed off on April 26, 2005.

Actor History[edit | edit source]

  • Eric Kroh (1979 to 1983)
  • Abraham Geary (1983)
  • Jason Marsden (1986 to 1988)
  • Christopher Nelson (1988)
  • Justin Whalin (April 1988 to 1989)
  • Sean Kanan (Febuary 1993 to June 1997)
  • Billy Warlock (June 1997 to December 2003; Febuary to June 2005)

Family[edit | edit source]

Parents[edit | edit source]

Siblings[edit | edit source]

Nieces and nephews[edit | edit source]

  • Jake Spencer (paternal half-nephew/ adoptive nephew; via Jason and Elizabeth; deceased)
  • Lauren Frank (paternal half-niece; via Franco)
  • unnamed child (paternal half-nephew or half-niece; currently expecting; via Franco and Sam)
  • Lila Alcazar (adoptive paternal half-niece)

Martial status[edit | edit source]

  • single

Past Marriages[edit | edit source]

Children[edit | edit source]

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